Welcome to LGBT Group

LGBT Group was founded in 2005 by Lars Gerhardsson and Birger Topp.
The business concept was, and is, to invest in profitable companies and make them advance to the next level. The acquisitions are made in small and medium-sized niche and innovation companies in which management is given to participate in the ownership.

Supporting companies from good to great

The owners of LGBT Group are entrepreneurs with extensive industrial experience and experience from operational positions which means a great understanding of the value of taking an active role in the companies invested in. Ownership is always long-term with sustainable development as its goal.

LGBT Group has experience of successful takeovers of generation companies which
together with the staff have developed strongly with large investments and targeted work.

The foundation of our work is always high ethical standards. We want close and strong
relationships with our clients while we are always attentive, inquisitive and open to new possibilities. Today seven companies are owned, wholly or partly, by the group. All companies possess that enterprising spirit, the pursuit that can take a business to new heights. To be able to work towards a specific goal with a company, there must be a long-term perspective. LGBT does not invest in companies to sell them, but to develop
and strengthen already strong businesses.